Accounts Payable - Georgia Davis

I started working for Old Massett Village Council in July of 1987 and was hired by Ernie Collison as the receptionist for 2 years.  After 1989, I was moved to finance where I did payroll and accounts payable.  After that, it was decided that I would do accounts payable full time.

Position:  On a daily basis, I receive cheque requests for staff and council travel, medical travel, contractors and urgent invoices.  The deadline to submit these is 9:30 am I enter these, print the cheques and file the invoices. On a weekly basis I receive invoices for all of our 60 departments, which are separated and coded for the program managers and coordinators to code and approve. Once these are entered into the Adagio system, the cheques are printed for signature and distribution. All invoices, with the cheque stubs are then filed in alphabetical order under the Vendor name.   Approximately 800 files are generated and at the end of each fiscal year, these are boxed and labeled for the Audit review.  I also help out with reception as needed.