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Chief Matthews School Vision

Phone : 250-626-5620

Fax: 250-626-5690

Our vision for Chief Matthews School community promotes a healthy lifestyle and fun learning environment that fosters cultural confidence; where motivated learners demonstrate respect for each other and Haida Gwaii.

Chief Matthews School currently provides learning opportunities for grades K4 to 5. The K4 and Kindergarten classes are located at our Annex at 359 Eagle Avenue. Grades 1 to 5 are located at the Main School building at 349 Eagle Avenue.



  • Michael Hart (Principal)

  • Bernice Jones

  • Louise Vanderlinden

  • Roxanne Edgars

  • Sherri Burton

  • Suzanne Collison

  • Sarah Finnie

  • Karen Russ

  • Barbara Elduayen

  • Rhonda Bell

  • Roberta Kennedy

Education Support Workers:

  • Joan Davis

  • Myra Russ

  • Jessica Hunter

  • Darlene White

  • Tianna Grosse

  • Laura Squires

  • Kathleen White


  • Carrie Carty


  • Darlene Bates

  • Julia Marks