Donald (Duffy) Edgars - Chief Councillor -  Economic Development, Health, Education, Social Development, Housing, Fire Department, RCMP, SHN Board of Directors, Energy, Great Bear Initiative, GMDC, Tri-Corp.

Harold Yeltatzie - (Deputy Chief) Councillor - Economic Development, Capitol Works, Housing, Finance, Social Development,  CHN, Haida Gwaii Cultural Wood, Marine Working Group

Freda Davis- Councillor - Health, Capitol Works, CHN Fisheries, Culture and Language, Tourism, Community Futures, GBI, Haida Child & Family

Ross (John) Parnell - Councillor - Economic Development,  Capitol Works,   Fire Dept, RCMP, CHN Fisheries,  CHN Heritage & Natural Resources, Marine Working Group, Community Futures

Lisa Bell - Councillor -  Education, Election Ad Hoc, Human Resources

Cynthia Samuels - Councillor -  Education, Social Development, Election Ad Hoc, Human Resources, SHN Board of Directors, GMDC

Patrika McEvoy - Councillor -  Health, Education, Fire Department, RCMP, Election Ad Hoc, Culture and Language, Tourism, Energy, Haida Child and Family

Cecil Brown - Councillor -  Economic Development, Health, Social Development, Housing, Gwaii Trust, GMDC