Donald (Duffy) Edgars - Chief Councillor -  Economic Development, Health, Education, Social Development, Capital Works, Housing, Gwaii Trust, Fire Department, Human Resources, Election Policy, Chief Mattews School Expansion Project, CHN Fisheries, Culture and Language, Economic Island Protocol, Haico, Haida Gwaii Reconciliation, GMDC, and  Haida Restorative Justice, Northern Native Fishing Corp.

Richard Williams Councillor - Economic Development, Capital Works, Housing, Haida Restorative Justice Society, Great Bear Initiative, Culture and Language, HaiCo Nominations, Community Futures, Ad Hoc: Election Policy.

Freda Davis- Councillor - Finance, Economic Development, Social Development, Education, Housing, Human Resources, Gwaii Trust, Haida Restorative Justice Society, Gwaii Trust.

Ross (John) Parnell - Councillor - Economic Development, Health, Capital Works, Housing, Human Resources, Health, CHN, Gwaii Tel, Tricorp, Haida Restorative Justice Society.

Sonia Rice - Councillor -  Economic Development, Pool,  Housing, Human Resources,Culture and Language, Ad Hoc Elections Policy, Secretariat of Haida Nation, CHN, Haida Restorative Justice.

Judy Williams - Councillor -  Economic Development, Capital Works , Health, Pool,  Social Development, Housing, Human Resources, CHN Fisheries, CHN Heritage and Natural Resources, GMDC (alternate), Haida Restorative Justice, Northern Native Fishing Corp.

Adeana Young - Councillor -  Economic Development, Housing, Health, Human Resources, Pool, Education, Secretariat of Haida Nation Fisheries, Secretariat of Haida Nation, Economic Island Protocol, Haida Child Family Services, Restorative Justice Society.

Cecil Brown - Councillor -