Status Cards are done 1-230 everyday; call if you need to know what to bring in for issuance of a card for yourself or for your child.

The fee is $5 for our band and $20 for other bands-come in with identification and fill out form and we will call you when we can do your card; we require verification from your band before we can do your card and we must have identification from you.


Reception and Registry - Tania Collison

Position:  My responsibilities as reception include answering the telephone & greeting people & direct accordingly; opening & recording mail; ordering office supplies as required.

As Indian Registration Administrator: Status cards (anywhere from 180-200 are done every year); Record events in band member’s life that they wish to have recorded; i.e. birth, marriage, divorce, name change & death etc. Various letters for members such as; Tax exemption for tax free telephone; satellite, hydro etc. (about 10-20 a year) on reserve land; Blood Quantum (to work or travel in the USA) I type the letter to be signed by the chief councillor (anywhere from 6-12 per year); Membership confirmation for post-secondary education funding applications (at least 15-20 per Year). Keep & maintain member files.

Employee: I have been employed in Reception and Indian Registration for the Old Massett Village Council since May 26, 2004. When I am not at work I prefer to spend my time with family (grandchildren); reading or crocheting.