2017 T’aalan Stl’ang Culture Camp (Rediscovery) Program Camp Manager

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DEADLINE: April 3, 2018 12:00pm Noon

2017 T’aalan Stl’ang Culture Camp (Rediscovery) Program Camp Manager

In-Town: Up to 4- 5 weeks of in-town program coordination from April to June, including a 1-week final reporting period at the end of the season, 25 hour/week.

In-Camp: Up to 40 days in camp for periods not to exceed 30 days from May to August. 

Position Responsible To: Health Director;

Job Summary:

This position is directly responsible for the ongoing development and operation of the Rediscovery Program.

The Program Camp Manager is directly responsible for the safety and health of all Rediscovery Program participants, staff, volunteers and resource persons both prior to camp operations and during camp operation. 

The Rediscovery Program Camp Manager will work with the T’aalan Stl’ang Cultural Camp Coordinator for the coordination of the in-town.  The Rediscovery Program Camp Manager is responsible for in camp program coordination, which includes the supervision of camp staff.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:


a.      Report to scheduled Rediscovery Steering Committee meetings as required. 

b.      Provide a program work plan for review by date set by Committee. 

d.       Prepare a Camp Staff Report for each camp session no later than 3 days after the session has completed. 

e.      Other reports may be required. Examples of additional reports are Operations, Personnel, Program Evaluation and Recommendations on revisions to the existing Programs

f.        Responsible for timely and professional Incident Reporting

Program Administration:

a.      Responsible for the organization of all camp operations in collaboration with the Old Massett Youth Program and its staff.

b.      Able to instruct staff and community on Rediscovery Program Policy and Old Massett Village Council Employment Policy.

c.    Assist in the development of proposals as required

d.    Ensure program is operated within allocated budget and timeline

e.    Remain up to date and knowledgeable of current Labor Practices and standards in the field, OMVC Employment Policy and ReDiscovery Program Policy

f.     Ensure that the OMVC Employment Policy and Rediscovery Program Policy are adhered to. 

Program Development

a.      Able to effectively promote and advocate for Rediscovery program

b.      Responsible for implementing Rediscovery Program Curricula and camp schedule


a.      Participate in the recruitment and retention of camp staff each season in consultation with the Rediscovery Steering Committee.

b.      Conduct Staff Orientation Plan as approved by Committee.

c.       Supervision of Staff

d.      Appropriate and clear delegation of duties and responsibilities as required to respective Rediscovery Program staff, volunteers or resource persons.  This is applicable to both in-town and in-camp activities

e.      Follow policy for addressing staff issues.

In Camp:

1.      The Program Camp Manager is the authority in any emergency situation that may arise at camp.

2.      Ensure that all safety standards and policies are adhered to by the Rediscovery staff, participants, volunteers and resource persons at all times while in camp; when arriving or departing from K'yuust'aa, on the daily planned activities, and the scheduled hikes along the west coast of Haida Gwaii.

Perform other related duties as required.

a.      Demonstrate sound communication skills, both written and oral

b.      Practice considerable judgment in dealing with staff and participants.

c.       Mable to manage a team

d.      to maintain order within the environment of camp operations, practice sound crisis management, accept responsibility and achieve results through self-motivation and the promotion of teamwork.

e.      Maintain confidentiality


Required Education:  High School Graduate.   Additional Education Assets:  Post-secondary or course work in wilderness camp related works, including tourism, boat operator, kayak guide, and so on.

A combination of education and experience in wilderness camp operations is essential.  

Current certification in Occupational First Aid and/or Wilderness First Aid, Bronze Medallion Lifesaving, and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. Extensive knowledge/experience in outdoor recreation, such as camping, backpacking, kayaking, group sports.

Extensive knowledge of the natural history and anthropology of Haida Gwaii as well as a keen understanding of the Haida Culture, especially as it pertains to the Duu Guusd Protected Area.

Xaad kil / Northern Haida Language knowledge and fluency are assets, and ongoing study of the language is encouraged.

Sound personal practices, organizational development and knowledge of program budgeting and program development.

Demonstrated ability to handle conflict, manage a team and adequately cope with stress

Experience in Program Administration including, word processing, publishing, timely report writing and budgeting

Conditions of Employment:

·         Willing to work in the isolated setting of T'aalan  Stl'aang, Lepas Bay for periods of no more than thirty days in duration.

·         Medically cleared to assume the physical responsibilities of this position.

·         A valid B.C. driver’s license

·         Valid Wilderness First Aid Certification

·         Vulnerable Sector Check

 DEADLINE: April 3, 2018 12:00pm Noon

Only those granted an interview will be contacted.

To apply for this position please submit your resume and cover letter by March 30, 2018 to the receptionist: attention of Monica Brown, Haida Health Centre Health Director, 347 Eagle Ave, Old Massett, PO Box 176 Masset BC V0T 1M0 or by email monica.brown@haidahealth.ca